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Introducing New Relic infrastructure

July 19, 2017

We have now taken New Relic Infrastructure into use.

This a natural improvement of the New Relic Server Monitor tool, with more metrics and aggregations.

Alerting of Windows Services

The best thing is that we now have monitoring of our windows services! This has to bet set up manually per node, but in the very early future, Octopus Deploy will automatically create these alert conditions on deployment of windows services.

Alerting policies

Each team will have their own Alert Policies and alert channels.

This means that very soon it’s not the Application Management team that receives a notification like ‘Error Rate > 5% on application Hours’, it’s the team that owns the service. And the team must act on these alerts themselves.

This is a really helpful tool for monitoring, health checking and debugging our application and hopefully it will empower our teams.

For more information about New Relic Infrastructure, visit


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