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2011 goals. And actual achievements

December 28, 2011

In the beginning of 2011 I wrote this blogpost about my goals for 2011. Here’s what I wrote:

Writing tests
…the right way and be convinced that, hey, this is actually very useful! I’ve worked with legacy code several years now, and it’s soo hard to start writing tests on existing stuff. Hope I can join a new project from scratch very soon .

Hold several presentations
…that’s right, I want to challenge myself to keep presentations for an audience (not just working colleagues). You learn so much from this and evolve in many ways. Maybe it will be for the norwegian .net user group?

Keep track on myself
…on everything I do. How productive am I? How many new technologies or frameworks have I learned? How many books have I read? How many training hours a week? Guess it’s my way to try to optimize my life and how to live it. Measure, measure, measure.

Finishing a marathon
…in under 200 minutes (3:20:00). Yup, I’m a running man and I’ve finished several marathons and my personal best is 3:28:47. In Berlin, september this year,  I will be running the worlds fastest marathon track and I hope for a new record also :)

Hard reality

And now for the truth:

Writing tests
I can honestly say that I haven’t wrote a single test in all of 2011. There’s no excuses, but all my work in 2011 has been on existing projects, legacy code. So the threshold for writing tests is a bit higher than when starting own projects from scratch

Hold several presentations
I’m afraid I haven’t held any presentations in 2011. BUT, I have booked a presentation on a school in february 2012.

Keep track on myself
I have analyzed some part of my activities in 2011:

Training: All my running laps are persistent
Music: All the best albums of 2011 are written down in a blogpost
Books: I read some books in January, but that’s it.
Movies: Sorry, I haven’t updated good movies since summer

Finishing a marathon
I finished on 3:24:40. Good result, but didn’t reach my 3:20:00 goal Trist fjes

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