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MetroTwit goes buggy

May 25, 2011

My favorite twitter client is MetroTwit. It has all the features I need (not many), and it has minimalistic and nice UI.

But now, when trying to use two laptops, the client give me an error mesage. It’s nice and descriptive about something has happened to my authorization between the client and twitter. Then it asks me if I want to disconnect this authorization. I answer yes, but MetroTwit does nothing and gives the same error message. I answer no, and the application crashes. I have even tried reinstalling the whole client and deleting the data under /AppData in my user folder, but nothing changes.

I want my MetroTwit back!

From → .Net

  1. Procmon revealed that deleting the contents of folder users/{user}/AppData/Roaming/MetroTwit did the trick! Now, I can re-authorize my client against twitter again

  2. I’m glad you got it working again. 🙂 Let us know @metrotwitapp or my account @goldentao if you have more problems.

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