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TableAdapters and Query Configuration Wizard in Visual Studio

May 24, 2011

In my current project we are bound to use typed datasets for communicating between Business services  and the client application. Yes, I know every wiseguy out there hates datasets and prefer using an ORM like nhibernate and transfer POCO objects between client and server, but that is not an option here.

Except for vulnerability against tight coupling, typed datasets can spare you a lot of trouble and work. But there are some features, like the TableAdapter Configuration Wizard (TCW), which has its horrible flaws!

Ever tried to write your own custom SQL in the TCW? Well, for basic and simple queries it’s no problem, but try adding a simple CASE statement.
Now, the TCW throws an exception and the workarounds are few (please, let me know if anyone has any magic tricks)

There are many complex queries in this project and the result is that almost every TableAdapter has its own inherited class so we can manually set the Custom SQL there.

But the worst is when working with typed Datasets and TableAdapters with the ODP.Net Oracle Provder, the whole application becomes like a big zombie. If you are really lucky you can do some changes to a Dataset in a couple of minutes, but if you are very unlucky and working with a complex dataset, you can actually wait for an hour or two for letting vs2008-2010 apply your changes. Really. that’s not fast. Or effective.

I have been talking to Christian Shay, the product owner of  ODP.Net and he’s been promising us a fix for this mess very soon. Let’s hope he’s not a zombie, too.

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